Sophie is an amazing tutor, she gets you engaged from the first instant because of her clear passion for perfumes. she taught me how to perceive scents with all my senses and gave me the alphabet to describe this amazing world of fragrance.

Majid, on Airbnb Experiences, 9th of October



Olfactory workshop - tastes of the world

Saturday 2nd June  - 16h30 to 17h30 


Perfumes of the world... Those who've been to my perfume tours now know the importance of scents & perfume in our civilisations. But what about today ? How globalization has uniformed our olfactory tastes through the world ? 

a playful session, where we will sniff interesting perfumes and raw material, with their stories of course ! 

(event hold in french, but can be traduced if you are learning french)

Price : 13,5 €

Place : Le Bar à Bulles, Paris 18 (Montmartre) 

Perfume Tour in Paris

Paris has always been the international perfume showcase for the world so there is no better place to learn about the Art of Perfumery, its history, and trends.

Different tours are organized, have a look to pic up the one you are more interested in. 

Many tours organized per week : usually Monday, Friday, Saturday starting at 11 am, and Sunday starting at 11.30 am

Perfume, Music and Gastronomy

21st of June 2018 

You understand french ? Please come to this event ! 

​Les Grands Airs d’Opéra Européens sont re-visités en musique de chambre - violon et piano. A chaque morceau sont associés des parfums, certains iconiques et d’autres plus confidentiels, ainsi que des matières premières (ingrédients que l’on utilise pour créer les parfums).

Si l’objectif est de vous faire vivre une expérience sensorielle unique, l’aspect culturel est également un point essentiel du concept : les histoires vous seront racontées, mentionnant les contextes de créations et anecdotes qui ont construit le mythe des oeuvres présentées, qu’elles soient musicales ou olfactives. 

Le concert en odorama sera subtilement accordé au menu gastronomique spécialement élaboré par le Chef de la Villa Duflot. 

Tarif : Repas & Concert en Odorama : 70 € / pers

Horaires : de 19h30 à 23h

Adresse : La Villa Duflot, 66000 Perpignan

Réservations au 0635534047

Music, Perfume and Wine tasting

5th July  2018

You understand French ? Please come to this event ! 

Ecoute, Olfaction et Dégustation. Les sujets s'enchaînent et s'entremêlent : sur les airs frénétiques des Quatres Saisons d'Antonio Vivaldi interprétés par un orchestre à cordes, notre experte parfum vous fera découvrir des matières premières incontournables dans la création de parfum. Vous aurez également l'occasion de sentir quelques fragrances iconiques ou confidentielles, accompagnées de leurs histoires, pour vous guider dans l'olfaction.
Cette soirée sera aussi l'occasion de découvrir une jolie sélection de vins du Château de Paraza, en accords avec la thématique des 4 saisons et racontés par le vigneron du château en personne.  

Tarif : Animation musicale & olfactive, dégustation de vins et buffet dînatoire - 60 € / pers

Horaires : de 19h30 à 22h30

Adresse : Château de Paraza, 1 Rue du Viala, 11200 Paraza

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Evénement Sensoriel

Tea & Perfume

Atelier Parfum

Perfume Workshop

Evénement Sensoriel

Champagne & Perfume

Atelier Parfum

Music & Perfume


Evénement Sensoriel

Chocolate & Perfume

Evénement Sensoriel

Fashion & Perfume history

Evénement Sensoriel

Cocktails & Perfume

Evénement Sensoriel

Wine tasting & Perfume



Some like it ... spicy ! 

Talking about spices, immediately images of cinnamon, clove, or nutmeg come to mind, these warm notes that we find in generous quantities in some great classic perfumes.

A desire to create..

I am often asked how I came up with the idea of ​​creating Rendez-Vous Parfum. Like any business creation project, it’s all about connections, timing, coincidences.



A passion slips into our daily conversations, encircles us and brings us to unexpected horizons.

Her passion? Scents, perfumes, their history, and all emotions that accompany them. 

Sophie is passionate about perfume, about scents, and their history. After a few years at L'Oréal, giant of cosmetics and perfume, she managed the Osmothèque, international archive of perfume. She developed training programs based on olfactory heritage for prestigious clients such as Chanel, Clarins, Coty and Dior, and established a partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.She continues her career with the Japanese fragrance creation company Takasago, as a perfume developer for Burberry, Carven and Lancel, among others.

The idea to create "Rendez-Vous Parfum" poped up during a dinner with friends. As always, the guests talk to her about perfume, and ask her 1000 questions. At this moment, she decides to launch a business, proposing workshops for the general public: fun, cultural and sensory, these workshops allow all the curious ones to learn more about the magic and mysterious world of perfume.