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Activities specially dedicated to Bachelorette Parties

She said Yeees ?!

And as her best friend you have the heavy - and joyful - responsibility of organizing her bachelorette party.


Rendez-Vous Parfum will guide you for a successful day, thanks to our activities:

- friendly: ideal when the guests do not know each other

- original: an olfaction workshop? the future bride did not even know that this brilliant concept could exist…!

- full of surprises: thanks to small personalized winks throughout the activity.

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Perfume Tour

Wander through the confidential perfume shops of Le Marais, after an olfactory workshop: focus on raw materials, on iconic perfumes, and the most important olfactory families. Other themes are broached: how to recognize a creative perfume, how to educate your olfactory sense. As for the boutiques, they are chosen for their warm welcome and their remarkable fragrances

Groups up to 6 persons 

Between 2h & 2h30 

200 €

English available

Atelier d'Olfaction - Balade 1-min.jpg


Perfume Tour

It all began several centuries ago ... At the bend of historic institutions and great Perfume Houses, we retrace the thread of history through the various uses in terms of hygiene, perfume and olfactory trends ... Sometimes surprising stories always fascinating, with olfactory support of course!

Groups up to 15 persones

Between 1h30 & 2h


Available in English

Atelier d'Olfaction 7.jpg


Olfcatory Workshop

This workshop combines historical anecdotes and tips to learn how to identify raw materials, accords and olfactory families. Legendary & surprising perfumes are presented. Once the theory has been assimilated, it's time to play! Divided in teams, the group is invited to take part in a quiz & other olfactory games to test knowledge as well as olfactory skills!

Groups up to 15 persons

Between 1h30 et 2h


(Rent for the venue to be added) 

Available in English

You want the activity to be personalized, so that your friend feels unique. 

Here is some information to communicate:

- the number of guests, their names and the fragrances of each

- available dates: if the group has not yet fully decided

- the scent of the future groom and that ... of the stepmother :)

- if there is a theme to your day / weekend, you can communicate it, we adapt as much as possible!

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