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Sophie is an amazing tutor, she gets you engaged from the first instant because of her clear passion for perfumes. she taught me how to perceive scents with all my senses and gave me the alphabet to describe this amazing world of fragrance.

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A passion slips into our daily conversations, encircles us and brings us to unexpected horizons.

Her passion? Scents, perfumes, their history, and all emotions that accompany them. 

Sophie is passionate about perfume, about scents, and their history. After a few years at L'Oréal, giant of cosmetics and perfume, she managed the Osmothèque, international archive of perfume. She developed training programs based on olfactory heritage for prestigious clients such as Chanel, Clarins, Coty and Dior, and established a partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.She continues her career with the Japanese fragrance creation company Takasago, as a perfume developer for Burberry, Carven and Lancel, among others.

The idea to create "Rendez-Vous Parfum" poped up during a dinner with friends. As always, the guests talk to her about perfume, and ask her 1000 questions. At this moment, she decides to launch a business, proposing workshops for the general public: fun, cultural and sensory, these workshops allow all the curious ones to learn more about the magic and mysterious world of perfume.

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Looking for unusual activities to do in Paris, whether to advise tourists or Parisians, some journalists have hooked with the concept of Rendez-Vous Parfum and "Notes & Accords" (Music and Perfume) .

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Rendez-Vous Parfum is a unique concept and it is normal that you still have questions. This part tries to answer to most of them, if you have other questions, please feel free to contact Sophie IRLES 

1. Why Rendez-Vous Parfum doesn't sell fragrances ?

When Rendez-Vous Parfum has been created, Sophie choose to concentrate on cultural and pedagogic aspects, with the aim to stay independant and authentic. Nowadays, there are no much places where consumers can learn on perfume universe with independant speakers: even the Museum of Perfume in Paris belongs to a brand (Fragonard). With the workshops organized by Rendez-Vous Parfum, there is no commercial pressure to by perfume, you come for the pleasure to smell, to learn, to (re)discover or sharpen your olfactory sense, and only if you want, you can take this opportunity to look for your next perfume :)

2. Does Rendez-Vous Parfum gets a commission if we buy perfume in the visited shops ? 

No, Rendez-Vous Parfum takes no commission. As written, there is no commercial pressure. The shops where we go are already happy to introduce their brand and ranges, and our aime is to discover the atmosphere of each Perfume House, and to look for the most creative perfumes of Paris. 

3. Est-ce que vous proposez des activités pour les entreprises, associations ou pour les groupes ? 

If you need to organize a corporate event in Paris, both glamour and unique, olfactory activities or multi-sensory events are perfect, specially designed for seminars, incentive events or team-building. For small groups (up to 20 persons), we advise a Champagne and Perfume workshop or an Olfactory Walk "Perfumes of Paris". If the group is larger (between 50 and 80 persons), we can propose a Wine and Perfume workshop, and for a group even larger (starting at 80 persons), the best is Music and Perfume or even Music, Perfume and Wine.

4. You have 2 tours for individuals, what are the main differences ? 

The first tour "Looking for the most beautiful fragrances" is an olfactory walk set up to discover the most interesting niche brands from Paris. Marais area is perfect if you're looking for a new perfume, or if you want to discover best fragrances of Paris. This tour is made for very small groups : 6 persons maximum, to feel confortable and welcome in the shops.

The second tour "Perfume of Paris" is more about History : all along the tour, Sophie makes you smell some iconic perfume of the history, and she tells you their story from an olfactory point of you but also from a sociologic point of view. You will take this opportunity to learn about how to "educate" your sense of smell thanks to tips given during the stroll. But the main aim is to understand how France became THE country of perfume through time. This tour is organized with larger groups : up to 20 persons per group. 

5. Why prices are different between the 2 tours ? 

Only because the first group is organized with 6 persons only (and usually less), and the second one up to 20. 

6. How many fragrances do we smell during the tours ? 

For the first tour, we smell 12 perfumes and raw materials (ingredients), that allows us to broach different topics : perfume history, olfactory pyramid, perfume families, iconic raw materials. Then, while visiting the shops, we smell at least 5 perfumes. It seems a lot in 2H30, but Sophie pays attention to not going too fast, and she gives you tips to be able to smell a lot without getting saturated. 

The second tour (Saint-Honoré) lasts 1h45, and we smell 12 perfumes and raw material, that are most of them different from the first tour. 

7. Are workshops and tours organized from connoisseurs or professionals of perfume ?

All the workshops broach different topics, and it is absolutely not mandatory to be a connoisseur. However Sophie will adapt to your level of knowledge if you are "advanced", she will challenge you more and also bring more specific topics (how the industry works, famous perfumers, perfumes you have to know, new ones or historic ones...)

It is important to mention that workshops (tours or multi-sensory events) are perfect for corporate events, specifically companies of perfume and cosmetic that are looking to educate their back office teams about the products. 

9. Is there any difference between your content and the one from a visit at the Museum of Perfume in Paris ? 

You can do both, you will not learn the same things ! You will see amazing objects at the Museum but the discussion with an expert will not really be possible...  And the history of the XX° century is not broached at all, nor how the marketing has changed the industry. 

Sophie, quite the opposite, talks a lot about this period (from the beginning of the XX° century and later) : she explains why some perfumes have been more important than others, how the N°5 of Chanel became such a legend, how marketing changed the industry. And more important you'll be able to smell some iconic perfumes of the perfumery, even if they come from different brands, that is all the advantage of being independant. 

10. Does Sophie advise people about how to select and buy a perfume ? 

Very often the participants of the tours tell Sophie they want to find their next perfume and need some advice. In that case, Sophie help them to identify raw materials (ingredients) they like, which accords or families they might like as well. She chooses and customize the route according to the shops the clients might like, and it is not rare that the clients stay in touch with Sophie after the tour to keep on talking about perfume.

Sophie IRLES

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